Do you want higher organic traffic?

Hey, I’m Sharyar Salim. I’m determined to increase the organic search traffic of online businesses. My only question is, will it be yours?

Who is Sharyar Salim?

He is a search engine optimizer and a digital marketer. He helps online businesses in meeting their sales goals. He has vast experience of working with businesses from different industries including IT, finance and telecommunication. Having expertise in SEO, website designing, PPC and social media marketing, he helps businesses in outranking their competitors.

sharyar salim

Best SEO Services For You

Technical SEO

Complete technical website audit to diagnose and remove technical errors.


Increase organic traffic to get qualified leads in the b2b industry.

Outsource SEO

Focus on your core business activities and outsource SEO services.

International SEO

Get your brand recognized globally with international SEO services.

How SEO Can Help You


Do you know the cost of acquiring a customer from your digital campaign? I can help you in defining and minimizing the cost broken out by channel.


If getting the best traffic to your website was easy then every business would have been successful. I can help you in reaching your audience with less cost.

Online conversions

A higher website traffic is good but higher conversions are better. Learn to get more conversions for your online business by hiring me as a consultant.