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7 Ways to Become a Top Social Media Consultant

Have you got what it requires to be a successful social media consultant?

If you’re thinking about making a double amount of money while working a couple of hours per week on the Hawaiian beach, you’re wrong.

The job of an expert social media consultant is not easy; neither having specialization in social media contributes to your uniqueness in the industry.

This article will illustrate how to become a social media consultant this year.

By finishing this article, you should have a clear idea about the job of a social media marketing consultant and how to start.

Seven ways of leading to your success as a social media consultant are mentioned below:

1.     Do Your Research

social media consultant research

Similar to starting any business, doing the research work about your industry as well as the potential target audience can benefit you in the long-term.

Drafting a detailed business plan eases the work and visibility about how you will earn money.

Oversimply stating that you will provide services as a social media consultant isn’t sufficient.

Additionally, get to know about your potential competitors using different platforms such as Google and LinkedIn.

This process is more like doing keyword research.

Do you possess the required skill set to be a social media manager? Assuming that it is included in the services that you offer.

2.     Dip Your Toes With a Few Clients

Some people take longer than others to move from managing their side hustle with their day job to be a full-time consultant.

To be confident and risk-averse that you are made for this job, give it a try with taking a few clients.

This way, you’ll have the job security for the current job while searching for the most suitable one.

Additionally, if you’re encountering difficulties in finding first clients, utilize job sites such as Built In to pitch the potential clients.

Subsequently, you may utilize the approach of networking by taking part in industry Twitter chats, participating in social media conferences.

The best aspects of a strategic marketing consultant’s job include developing expertise and self-promotion.

Nobody will be interested in utilizing the services of someone unable to showcase that they know about which they’re talking.

3.     Set up Your Workstation

Other than a computer, there are certain workflows and processes required to ensure the smooth running of operations.

For instance, adequate software or appropriate people to handle quarterly tax payments, invoices, and client appointments.

The simplest way to develop the process of attaining clients is to put yourself at the client’s place.

Work through each step and note it down.

  • Prospecting: How clients will find and book a consultation with you?
  • Proposal: If you send a proposal, what will be the review and approval steps?
  • Contract: When you’re offering a contract, is it easy to understand? How will it be signed?
  • On-boarding: How you’ll take clients aboard? Will you provide them with access to invoicing software? Or will you need to collect password information?
  • Invoicing: How will you deliver invoices and what medium for payment you’ll use? Do your clients clearly understand and acknowledge the terms and conditions of payment?

Moreover, you may also need to find software programs such as invoicing app, analytics programs, and media management platforms.

Subsequently, if you’re planning to offer analytics services, you will have to decide if you will generate a report using a service or do it on your own.

4.     Niche or General?

choosing your niche

It is an ongoing struggle for social media consultants.

Do you plan to provide social media marketing services to any client irrespective of the industry?

Or are you planning to specialize in specific industries, ultimately restricting your customer base?

Both options have their pros and cons, so the choice is at your discretion.

You can assess both options during the process of research and identify the matching client base.

For instance, if you plan to restrict your social media marketing services to the restaurant industry, you need to figure out if restaurants around you need any help.

Furthermore, if you plan to specialize in pizza restaurants, you should look out if enough pizza restaurants require your services?

Also, how will you distinguish yourself from the competitors?

5.     Decide on Services & Products

The social media consultant’s spectrum is broad.

More often, the responsibilities overlap into social media management, SEO, and content creation.

There are many services you can offer as a freelance marketing consultant. A few are mentioned below:

  • Social media strategy session
  • Training
  • Coaching sessions or retainers
  • Social media audit
  • Account creation and setup for new businesses
  • Social media manager

Additionally, offering a wide range of products enables you to diversify your income streams.

However, excessively diverse services are also not advisable as it may cause you to be scattered in the tasks.

Along with selecting the services and products to offer, you also need to set the fees, which is a hectic and stressful task.

In the research phase, you can consider what competitors are charging as a reference to set your charges.

Although, you need to ensure that your pricing covers self-employment and expenses.

The use of freelance calculators can prove of help to decide the charges.

6.     Practice What You Preach

Assume the role of being your client.

While working for current clients or searching for ones, do not forget to practice your advice.

Stay in touch with the industry professionals, keep a follow-up of the social media news, and to establish your expertise, practice writing blog posts.

The more you interact and engage with the community, the more recognition you will get as an expert.

7.     Don’t Fall into the Common Mistakes

common social media mistakes

There is no way for you to avoid failures; however, you can try to avoid the most common mistakes.

Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Poor communication: Being a good communicator does not require responding to emails within a couple of minutes. Smoother workflows and better communication will ease and facilitate the rapport.
  • Undervaluing yourself: If your clients always respond positively to your rates, this can be undervaluing yourself.
  • Not getting work in writing: To protect your small business, contracts are the best way to protect yourself from delayed payments.

Summing Up

Now according to you which is the most important point among the top 7.

Comment below that major point.

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By Sharyar Salim

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