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15 Skills Best Online Marketing Companies Must Have

Have you dreamed of working in the best online marketing companies in the world? But do you know what skills they need in their employees?

You need to understand the current trends of today’s digital marketing world to acquire and master the skills these companies want.

Here I have done my research to identify the 15 best marketing skills that companies want in their employees.

But before that let’s just have a look at some of the most popular job titles that had a huge demand last year in the United States.

Can you guess this job title? I bet you can’t.

These job titles were “rockstar” followed by “ninja” and “guru”. Yes, you read it right. It was a “ninja”.

But let’s just hold on for a second, “rockstar” and “ninja”, these job titles were not popular to attract assassins or musicians. These titles became popular for experts in their respective industries.

Ninjas and Gurus

ninjas and gurus

Ninjas in marketing for instance helps in improving the client engagement with the brands. They are so good at this that you won’t even know how they can make the customer journey so delightful.

On the other hand, SEO gurus focus on all the tasks related to search engine optimization. Along with this they also educate the marketing team with the latest Google algorithm updates.

Now you don’t need to make your resume fancy with the latest marketing job titles. However, you must understand how quickly this digital marketing industry is growing and new job titles are taking place.

Thus, to compete in such a dynamic marketing industry and with other marketers, you must stand out in your specific skills.

This is the only way you can attract your desired best online marketing companies. Now to get more information about these companies you can search for the best online marketing services for small businesses on the search engine.

Now some of the most common job titles like marketing coordinator or digital expert don’t consist of the responsibilities marketers need to perform these days.

However, many of the leading marketers are also affected by the shifts in this industry.

To be precise, about 95% of them confess that firms are suffering in reaching ideal candidates. These findings were drawn from TEKsystems surveys.

Now without dragging this further, I am listing down the 15 best digital marketing skills that companies want in their employees this year.

Marketing Skills (with Job Titles) to Master this year

skills for best online marketing companies
  1. Content Creator
  2. Content Strategist
  3. Blogging Marketing Manager
  4. Creative Assistant
  5. Digital Brand Manager
  6. Creative Director
  7. Marketing Data Analyst
  8. Marketing Technologist
  9. Digital Marketing Manager
  10. Social Media Coordinator
  11. Social Media Strategist
  12. Community Manager
  13. SEO Specialist
  14. SEO Strategist
  15. Organic Search Manager

Still, how would you know which job title comes under any specific area?

Don’t worry at all I will also guide you through this.

By the way, these titles mean nothing if you don’t know how they can provide value to any company.

Now keeping this in mind, I am categorizing marketers into five types based on their skills. With this, I am also stating which type of marketer should suit the roles mentioned above.

The Perfect Fit between 5 Key Skills and the Marketing Job Titles

1.      The Blogger

blogging infographics

Almost every company has a job opening for the position of a blogger. A blogger is someone who writes blogs for companies.

Now instead of writing generic blogs, bloggers must be technical and brand-oriented to a specific field.

Therefore, instead of a blogger, the best online marketing companies are hiring people with these titles as per their experience.

  • Content Creator (Beginner)
  • Writing Strategist (Intermediate)
  • Content Marketing Manager (Pro)

What they do

Content management was the 3rd most popular digital marketing skill in 2018 as per the survey of TEKsystems.

content creation stats

Content creators create content to engage with their customers. They create content in the form of blog posts, podcasts, videos and many others.

The goal of content creators is to make a piece of content for readers that become their customers afterward.

Now you might be thinking how content creation needs hands of more than one person.

You can think of it this way that content creator will be the chief writer then he/she will pass it to content strategist. Then content strategists will review the content for search engine optimization purposes and forward it to content marketing manager.

Lastly, the content marketing manager will make the editorial calendars and promote the content to the email subscribers to convert readers into customers.

2.      The Multimedia Person

visuals in blogs

This role is as important as defining the content strategy. A person here is required how can make the content look better with the help of a few visual and videos.

Generally, these functions are performed by videographers and graphic designers. However, to make their roles more precise they are categorized in the following ways:

  • Creative Assistant (Beginner)
  • Digital Brand Manager (Intermediate)
  • Creative Director (Pro)

What they do

Once the content has been created by the writers, the multimedia persons make sure that it looks beautiful when gone live.

They use high-quality images and videos to make the content more attractive to the readers. This way readers get a more of a brand feel while reading their content.

Now to break down each task as per the job title, the creative assistant and digital brand manager create pictures, videos, infographics and other forms of visuals to offer better design to the content.

Next, the creative directors work closely with the copywriters, designers, sales teams and marketers to make a vision for selling products.

3.      The Audience Reacher

marketing data importance

How would you know your content is liked by your audience? Is it getting the best return on investment?

All this can be determined by reviewing the pageviews, how people see your content, bounce rates and a few more metrics that define your marketing efforts.

Moreover, it also helps you in discovering better opportunities for creating content that matters.

The roles performed by these job titles are much more difficult than the two stated above.

The job titles for marketers having analytical expertise are as follows:

  • Marketing Data Analyst (Beginner)
  • Marketing Technologist (Intermediate)
  • Digital Marketing Manager (Pro)

What they do

Each of the people with such job titles must have some critical content assessment and analysis skills. Breaking down all these roles as per the job titles.

The marketing data analyst will study the industry conditions for a better product offering. Then marketing technologist will develop a strategy that works in these conditions with the support of necessary technologies.

Finally, digital marketing managers will review the analytics related to the content and offer ways to optimize current content. Furthermore, they will also develop smarter content strategies for the future.

4.      The Facebook and Twitter Handler

facebook marketing stats

Here your Facebook managers will not work the best just like the bloggers as your content creators. Employees with these titles only represent how they perform on these mediums and not on any specific channel.

Instead of these, the following offers better value:

  • Social Media Coordinator (Beginner)
  • Social Media Strategist (Intermediate)
  • Community Manager (Pro)

What they do

Social media coordinators are responsible for the daily postings and management of post schedules on different social media networks.

Social media strategists will select the right social network to be used and which content to post on any network for reaching higher ROI.

At last, community managers are responsible for making profitable relationships with the brand’s current and future followers. They must respond to all the queries of people on social networks.

This also includes responding to people about their queries on the blog’s comment sections and community forums.

5.      The One Who Enhances Presence on Google

seo marketing stats

This is where your SEO person is important. Search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing will never display tricks to get your content ranked higher on the first page of the search engine.

Here your SEO person needs to develop strategies to get your content on the top of search engine result pages along with coping up with all their algorithm updates.

The three job titles for this role are as follows:

  • SEO Specialist (Beginner)
  • SERP Strategist (Intermediate)
  • Organic Search Manager (Pro)

What they do

Now how all these job titles operate depends on brand and content strategy against execution.

SEO specialist works with content creators to make sure that the content is meeting the high standards of SEO. SEO strategist collaborates with analytics people and works on SEO approach to make your content strategy better.

Hence, SEO managers are responsible for ranking a single blog or a website on the top of search engine result pages while reviewing the best SEO practices.


Finally, we have covered all the 15 marketing skills that companies want in their employees this year.

To sum up, a digital marketer in 2020 can be good with the following skills.

  1. Blogging
  2. Making Visuals
  3. Marketing Analytics
  4. Social Media Management
  5. SEO

Now it is time to highlight the most important lesson we have learned from this blog.

The lesson is that you don’t need to acquire all these skills to get hired in your desired best online marketing companies. You just need to focus on one skill at a time.

You must work on building and mastering one skill and then moving to another.

This is how you will grow and perform better as a digital marketer in 2020. Thus, this will also make your resume stand out from other marketers.

However, if you are unaware of the best online marketing companies in your area then you can simply search for online marketing for small business near me on the search engine.

Your Feedback

feedback for best online marketing companies

Now, which skill will you be looking after to master this year? Comment below your favorite marketing job title with the skill you have.

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